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Advert for Starbucks
“On The Go”

This TV spot was designed for the launch of the Starbucks DoubleShot® range. To be used on big screen advertising at sports events, city video advertising hoardings such as Time Square and on TV.

This was a quick turn-around project and utilises the products pack shots that were available, the idea was 'On the go' fast moving and busy to reflect the non-stop nature of the demographic.

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TV Series for RDF Media / BBC TWO
“Oz & James's Big Wine Adventure”

I was brought in by Simon Kerfoot and Nick Shearman (now Commissioning Editor - BBC Factual Features) to edit as part of the Post Production Team on the Second Series of Oz & James's Big Wine Aventure.

Wine expert Oz Clarke travels around California with "Top Gear" presenter James May in an attempt to turn him into a wine connoisseur.

Episode Running time: 30 mins approx

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Documentary for Charles Rangeley Wilson
“Bonefish – a Fishing Odyssey”

Charles came to me to finish off his latest Fishing Adventure, which is a rather nice (if not self indulgent) trip to catch one of the world's most enigmatic and downright difficult fish. Some of you may know Charles as 'The Accidental Angler' from the BBC series.

Running time: 55 mins approx

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Series extras for BBC FOUR
“Comics Britannia”

This edit was primarily colour key, effects work and mastering for the extra online content for the TV series Comics Britania.

As well as a three-part documentary about the history of British comic book art - Comics Britannia - BBC Four took a broader look at the genre with programmes on The Broons, a film version of Modesty Blaise and a new documentary on Steve Ditko.

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TV Series for RDF Media / BBC THREE
“Help me Anthea, I'm Infested!”

Anthea Turner and exterminator Mark Coltman take on two species making two sets of homeowners miserable. Rapper MC Desire McNeish and partner Tammy Parker's home is infested with German cockroaches, and fleas join forces with the roaches to make the extermination task even harder.

Insurance manager Leah Grant is on the edge due to a massive infestation of pharaoh ants, and the treatment requires drawing them out into the open with bait, much to Leah's horror.

Episode Running time: 60 mins approx

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TV Series for RDF Media / BBC THREE
“Grime Scene Investigation”

Our body, your home and your pets are thriving havens for hundreds of millions of creatures – from lice on your body to bacteria on your skin, from fleas on your cat to bugs in your bed. In Grime Scene Investigation we get to know these creatures a whole lot better.

Starring Rufus Hound and Dr Anthony Hilton.

Episode Running time: 30 mins approx

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TV Series for BBC ONE
“When Love Comes to Town”

Eight single men, aged from 30 to 60 and from rural Devon, travel to a remote village in the Scottish Highlands to meet eight single women who have struggled to find that special someone. Some are divorced, others bereaved and a few simply haven't found "the one" ... yet!

Helped by a larger-than-life matchmaker from each village, the romantically rusty men and women embark on a rollercoaster of dates and group events, in both Devon and Scotland. As they get to know each other better, the singletons also learn the odd thing about themselves.

There's disappointment and unrequited love for some, while for others it's a surprising journey that takes them well on the way to becoming part of a couple for the first time in years.

Episode Running time: 30 mins approx

Documentary for Sky
“The Man Who Painted Everest”

The amazing tale of the man whose artistic quest takes him to new heights.

Artist Tony Foster is an acclaimed watercolourist who works in some of the world's most beautiful and inaccessible places. Not for him are the more convenient methods of working from photographs or sketches: he believes that great art can only be created by actually being present, and to this end, he made an arduous journey from Kathmandu to 17,000 feet up Mount Everest, to paint a landscape few have ever seen.

This revealing documentary follows Foster – in his sixties – as he battles altitude sickness, physical exhaustion, the threat of Maoist insurgents and exceptionally hazardous terrain to set up a huge canvas and paint the extraordinary scene before him.

Running time: 59 mins approx

TV Series for ITV
“Up on the Downs”

Four-part series Up on the Downs celebrated the range of people and pursuits which make Clifton Downs among the most popular and well-loved urban open spaces in Britain.

The Bristol Downs were filmed for over a year by documentary film maker Jill Ranford and her crew, capturing the Downs over all four seasons.

The stories include a group who watched and tracked peregrine falcons, the refurbishment of the Observatory, a Sunday lunch group, the yearly visit of the circus, the festivals, fireworks and football.

Jill said: "It was one of the most exciting and varied things I have done.

"One moment I was focusing on a moth walk late at night, then meeting up with a genuine Bollywood movie star and then chatting with a Polish trapeze artiste.

"The only time anyone actually lives on the Downs is when the circus comes to town and we spent much of its stay with the artistes and their families, in the caravans and under the big top, at rehearsals and performances."

A behind-the-scenes approach was used throughout the series.

Episode Running time: 60 mins approx

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