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Logo animation, name strap & bug (dog)

CareerPlayer is a website devoted to video interviews and overviews of careers in many different industries with honest views and work experience giving a better insight to a potential workplace.

For this project I was asked to create a short sting that can be used with a variety of music tracks as an opening or break point sting, an animated name strap that had editable text within Final Cut Pro and a station ID bug (or dog - digital onscreen graphic - as it is known in the UK).

I pulled the logo apart in Adobe Illustrator and created layers for use in Adobe After Effects.

The final composite was rendered to 1080p in ProRes HQ.

The Name Strap background was also created in Adobe After Effects - exported using the Animation CODEC with Alpha Channel. This was then imported into Final Cut Pro and Boris Text overlayed.

Video Documentary

Artists, writers and actors were brought together to celebrate the preview of the 'TransformARTive' exhibition at Grant Bradley Gallery, Bedminster Parade.

Tiffany Jefferies shot a short video, documenting the 2008 event that was run in June.

I edited a simple programme usign Final Cut Pro and authored to SD DVD usign DVD Studio Pro for the Art+Power organisation that ran the event.

Geek or God
Development Promo for BBC

This project was a format and series idea for 14 to 30 year olds that engaged serious computer game addicts in a competition in the real world equivalent.

The promo had 2 avid First Person Shooter addicts go head to head in army training excercises and then engage each other in a final showdown putting all their skills; virtual and physical, to the test!

The Promo was shot on DVCAM and edited on Final Cut Pro with additional graphics and animation made using a mixture of Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects.

©BBC Bristol Docs & Features

Damian Hallam
Olympic Bid

Damian is one of Britains best Dressage riders and is currently training hard with hope of competing in the London Olympics in 2012.

We shot a promo video for fundraising and potential investors showing some of Damian's routine and with interviews with Kyra Kirklund.

This project was co-produced by Entity Studios

BP GearShift
Flash Animation

This was for BP employees showing how they handle stages of employee progression within the company.

We designed a web-based campaign along with email outs which the animation was embedded.

I created all the graphics in Adobe Illustrator then the Flash animation was put together by my colleague Claire Slinger. I also created a video version using Adobe After Effects.

This project was made for BP and produced by The loop agency.

Showreel CD-ROM & DVD-ROM

This was an interactive disc with showreel video and clips of Loop client work.

The graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and motion examples created for the programmers to follow using Adobe After Effects.

The graphics were then exported as elements for Adobe Flash and then authored in Adobe Director by Entity Studios

Second Person
Live at the Bedford DVD

After completing the online of the Live performance, I was asked to put together motion menus for the DVD as the previous attempt was quite frankly awful!

The graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and movies for the motion menus created using Adobe After Effects.

This project was made for Second Person.

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