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Resolution Films
Brand ID, DVD & Website

"The recent update of showreel content was a good excuse to create a new website and brand identity for Resolutions Films" says James Lyon Director/Producer.

The logo was designed by Eatcake Design but there was no defined brand identity to the materials upon which it would be used.

I thought a play on the word 'resolution' would work well with the clean sharp line logo style and give plenty of simple but effective effects we could apply to the ID.

I produced a mosaic version of the logo as a background and followed this through the designs for both the DVD and the website.

One other plus side is that it also provides a very good level of image compression due to flat areas of colour and thus enabling faster loading of the website.

The nice thing about this approach is the grid and mosaic elements are so easily modified for background and/or foreground use for instance in transitsion from the DVD Menu to the Clips I used a 'tiled flip' which often looks cheesey on more complex imagery but quite deliberate and stylish on a design such as this.

The DVD was created using Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro), the DVD Menu and Website was designed in Adobe Photoshop and the website was authored in Adobe GoLive.

Visit the Resolution Films Website here:

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